Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dogs vs. Low Income Individuals

Okay, this may not make you too happy. It may offend, it may even been intagible and borderline rambling at times, but see it through to the end. NFL star Michael Vick has been charged with dogfighting. As of this posting, that is my best understanding of the charges. My problem, initially, is that this event is "headline news" and "front page" worthy. I am really not an animal lover. I enjoy the fact of their existence, and certain animal appeal to me, but I could care less if people engage in dogfighting. I'm conflicted, though, because any living thing FORCED to do something against its own will, especially when the outcome could be loss of life, is troubling to me. But to tell me that a guy who is good at his job may have to stop doing that job for a YEAR, maybe forever, just because he is suspected, (and POSSIBLY guilty) is kind of silly to me. Meanwhile, men protecting our fragile borders shoot a couple people, and people freak out like they were terrorists (when they were just protecting us from what could have been that). Let's not forget, we have hundreds of thousands of troops fighting a war that cannot and will not be won. Let's not forget that Chinese imported food and products are being found as tainted and unsafe. Let's not forget our environment. And no, I don't mean the Al Gore cause some like, but most hate. I mean the fact that my middle sized town of Greensboro, NC is consumed with smog now. There are more things to worry about than if a guy is fighting with dogs. What we should be focused in on is why the NFL and the media are so gung ho are exploiting the lifestyles of athletes, namely high profile Black ones. (I will be writing another blog on this, but if Barry Bonds was white, he wouldn't face half the scrunity (read: Mark McGwire)). Anywho, I feel as though the situation is not as serious as his shoe line not being released, or him possibly been suspended from the league, or serving jail time. How about: apology (which he already gave UN-coerced), a fine, and a PSA. For crying out loud it's DOGFIGHTING. What about poverty stricken society, disease, lack of job training, and adequate health care?