Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My First Post

I really am just typing this to see how it will look. Right now, I'm not concerned about how offensive this post will be, nor am I expecting angry e-mail replies. The First Amendment promises that I can speak my mind here. Unfortunately, I really won't offend that many people before this is ALL said and done. But unlike myself, who is very concerned about making others feel bad about my words, recent events prove that some Americans will use their rights to impede the rights of others. Maybe that's not their intent, but America, seemingly has a "We are #1" Mentality. And look at it: the first thing promised in the Constitution "....life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.."; the 1st Amendment -- freedom to say. But neither of these warns us about the consequences and responsibility that come with individual freedom, especially when expressed as a part of a larger body. Do all folks who live where the Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, and members of the Nation of Islam thrive share the same views as those groups? Most likely not. So how can we justly say that every white person is racist (which is correctly defined as the unethical, immoral treatment of non-white people by white people) just because one white person is portrayed as such on media? Also, (and I utter this with tremendous pride), all able bodied young black men are not drug dealers, violent offenders, and descraters of our Black queens. (*sigh*) Felt quite good saying that last one.

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