Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Fast and Consecration - Day 3

I declare that I love listening to the K.D. Bowe Morning Show (broadcast locally on AM 1400). His thought of the day stemmed around care in how you receive words. Paraphrasing him: "Words are like seeds, and they can grow in your life; receiving a bad seed can yield a bad harvest in your life". I thought it was a tight piece, so I took it and kept. I returned to work today after an impromptu vacation. As usual, someone had a complaint about management and their expectation. Now, normally, though very much saved, I fall into this trap when I love the sound of my own logic so much that I love to throw my bosses under the bus. I had a different response today. I surmised that, no matter how bad leadership really is, it was up to me to perform all the more exceptionally, and exceed the expectation of the least skilled of management. Thank God for a future, and a vision.

So that was work. After work, I had to the chance to be in the atmosphere of a church goer. Once my wife shared about the details of this week's services, her (the church goer) "spirit" went into overdrive. She proceeded to misquote Matthew 6:16-17, which does NOT at all state that fasting should be kept a secret, it clearly states that fasting should not be done in order to draw attention. But since I didn't respond, I guess she had more ammunition. She went on to state how: you can fast from other things than just food (this is a common excuse used by people who aren't that disciplined; likened to a former co-worker who is convinced that the 10% tithe God demands is not strictly financial. Both of these assumptions are incorrect.) She wrapped up her spiel on fasting by attempting to correct another person who called her out for her obvious lack of previous fasting, by stating she fasted from a certain time until a certain time. It is a successful practice, but as Pastor Williams teaches, if it isn't stirring up your spirit, you just basically dieting. I so love my pastor.

She is one of the people for whom I am believing God for a change in heart. I am glad that I didn't react or respond, and I see it as proof that I have grown some. There is much more work to do, but I'm not dead yet, so clearly I'm going to win this race. Be careful of what is said around you, and be mindful of the things you say. Sometimes, before you say them, let it play out in your mind and check the spirit from which the statement comes. I'm just telling you what I already practice; though, even things I say currently still seem to affect people. If only they knew the unabridged version of my true feelings sometimes. God, mold my heart.

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