Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Fast and Consecration - Day 5

To live every minute of every day is ideal, but it is ultimately challenging. I have felt every minute of every day for the past five days. I wasn't "allowed" any of my usual vices; the things I told myself was just to kill time, but were really killing me. I lived this week, and will be all the more powerful for it. Do we take the time to live? We slave for these employers, and then they toss us a small stipend. We sacrifice and dedicate time and effort and energy for our families, but it's mostly habit, and a lot of times is fruitless and unheralded. We are faithful in ministry, attending every service possible, being on post, fasting, studying, worshipping. I ask you again - - do we take the time to live? When do we realize that a certain amount of time was appointed to us, and we can't spend it getting ready to try to do anything. I love the rant in Ecclesiastes about how fleeting life is, and how everything has its season, and, my fave line of all (to paraphrase): "eat, drink and be merry". I'm sad when I hear about other married couples having problems, especially when they are young just like my wife and I. I mean, really, what problems could you have? Most of the couples are childless, so you KNOW what that means for the household (wink, wink). Most of the couples in mind have multiple incomes in the household, so unless one is frugal and one is anti-frugal, still no real issue. I suspect, without knowing or caring to snoop into their business, that the real problem is not living. I have been homeless twice in the past two years, and saving is a hard subject to tackle. But I'll be a monkey's uncle if I refuse to find a way to show the love of my life a good time. I'm using coupons, discounts, friends of friends -- whatever it may take in godliness and honesty-- to let her know that the struggle is the struggle, BUT IT IS NOT OUR LIFE!

So with that sentiment (which I literally just spilled, this, nor any of my writings are ever pre-planned) I suggest that we cheat, steal and lie: cheat death of victory, steal more moments to thoroughly enjoy our loved ones and lie aside every burden and lift up hope instead. Now, that line has been used different ways, but, eh, I liked mine better! Victory is nigh!

24 hours....

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